Will Ad light box industry disappear under the digital age?

Pretty surely that the digital age has been come. All kinds of digital device had deeply enter into every corner of people’s daily life. Take an obvious example, Ad device industry, more and more LED Panel and LCD Panel has been used to outdoor Ad area; take the place of traditional Ad light box. So people concerned that whether the era of traditional Ad light box will be ended?

Actually there is different stage for every lindustry when it develops. Although impacted by new digital technology, traditional Ad light box still has its advantage and development space.

First of all, big screen advertising light boxes have irreplaceable visual impact. Realistic effect and good quality image, people could watch it in close distance without harming the eyes. Also, it could build a good business atmosphere and more have the effect of the landscape and lighting. Advertising really become a part of the public place. 

Second, 10% capital cost of digital equipment, it will be the Ad light cannot be the cause of death. The cost of new LED light box is about $160 - $310 each square meter. But LED Panel is $1600- $3100 each square meter. Consequently, For large area coverage of advertising, advertising light box or the best cost-effective option.

Third, the use of LED lighting technology helps large light box save energy and protect environment. And the operating cost can be control well. Compared to traditional lighting source, like T5 or T8 lamps, in the same condition of brightness, LED save over 50% of the enery, this can be determined.

Last but not least, the study of new structure of light box and sustainable materials, better application experience, lower the operation cost. The vital point of Ad light box is mainly focus on the picture change and fixed, the open and lock of box structure. A good system of light box will make people have a better user experience, promptly and easy to replace the picture action
Thus, Digital media won’t replace of light box industry, but would force the traditional light box industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrade, becoming one of the core equipment of the outdoor advertising industry!