Great Selection Of Old-Fashioned Tin Signs In Cool Cap Shape

For most beer lovers or manufacturing, an old metal beer cap tin signs will be a cool thing to have. 
With size 42cm/16.5” diameter, it is quite visible hanging on the wall for decoration or promotion.
A retro and vintage sign is a perfect item for bars, houses, used as art poster and for decoration. With different brands tin signs on the bar wall, customers could feel the mood of the bar at first sight; with 4-5 signs hanging on wall of the dining hall, it shows the taste of the host.
Every beer brands, has its own history and story. We designed this tin sign for all the beer brands to display its logo and share its spirit with his fans.
Just imaging the places where distribute your beer, where hanging this tin sign with your beer brand and logo. Quite cool, isn’t it? 

If you want to collect or print your beer name on such signs with a very small MOQ, Don’t hesitate to connect us to update a best price.