Advertising equipment acyclic rotating outdoor led light sign

Advertising equipment acyclic rotating outdoor led light sign 

Now more and more customers are interested in the outdoor led light sign,

Because that the colorful and varied led lights can often leave a very deep impression on people and attract a high rate of attention.


Compared with the ordinary outdoor light sign, the rotating outdoor led light sign is characterized by the ability to rotate 360 degrees; passers-by can see the contents of the light box from many different angles, thus attracting more customers.
The rotating outdoor led light sign, as a semi-permanent display device, consist of the aluminum frames, LED modular and acrylic panels.
More importantly, its good coating materials, UV resistant graphic printing technology, and weatherproof structure could maximally extend the use time of the light box.

It is widely used in bars, banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc.; it has become a new form of shop facade decoration.


In order to provide customers the perfect matching solutions, meet the different needs of customers, all the rotating out door led light sign could be customized exclusively.
Various styles, size and logo are at your disposal.
More details about our LED outdoor light sign, please view our production files introduction, or welcome you to directly inquiry us!