Water transfer printing applied on the plastic ice bucket for premium look

Water transfer printing applied on the plastic ice bucket 

for premium look

The ice bucket with logo printed is a wonderful advertising tool for your brand. It is suitable for the promotion of the holiday theme and new products in stores, supermarkets and convenience stores to create a casual and relaxed shopping atmosphere.OEM or ODM customized style can be made according to customer's designs and requirements.

Above product is made of high transparent PS brand new material, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, glossy surface, and wear-resistant, which is trustworthy consumer goods, suitable for bars, entertainment and other public places.

The surface pattern process is water bestrow transfer printing.By using this method, we can achieve many different effects   on the bucket, like wooden or marble appearance. The water-transfer paint is easy to stick to the surface of the object, which is the main reason why it is suitable for the entire surface decoration. However, the shortcoming is its high scalability, that’s why it is more suitable do to patterns without strictly shape request. Normally we will need to cover the surface with an extra translucent painting for a brighter surface effect.

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