Metal sign

Metal sign

The obvious advantage of tinplate signage is its low price and good display of the logo. It is very simple and convenient to use. It can be placed outdoors or indoors, as long as it can be placed on a wall. You may say it is a poster that can print whatever you want to, compared with the traditional paper posters, it is more quality hand fell and lasting much longer. Relatively speaking, the it’s producing process is not complex.

The main thing of this product is the printing. The general and traditional printing method is machine printing. To give a sample example, the tinplate sign on the picture is CMYK printing. It consists C M Y K 4 basic colors and all the gradient color are generated from these basic colors, sure extra PMS color can be added as well to make the color more solid and vivid. It is printed by a large printing machine line and thus often request a certain amount of quantity. 

If the quantity is limit, we recommend you another method which is direct UV printing. The printing machine is called Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, which involves none printing plating making.

We can also emboss the logo on the surface of the tinplate, so that the logo can be more prominent and more intuitive. We will make a special mold for the protrusion of the logo, which will need a little mold cost, but if quantity is sufficient, the mold is obviously worth it. Picture of raised logo as shown.

There are some details about tinplate signs that need to be noted. Its surface treatment must be varnished so that its printing will not fade or lose paint easily. It can be used for a long time. In addition, when we use tinplate material that has a thickness of 0.28 to 0.35mm thickness only, the edge of the tinplate needs to be hemmed, so that it will not easily cut the finger.

Will you consider such a low cost and high effect logo metal sign?