【Early autumn travel】—Ideal sign Meet in Hezhou, Guangxi

On September 20, 2019, a group of 10 of us took a high-speed train from Guangzhou to Hezhou at 9:06, starting our three-day and two-night journey to Hezhou.


Day 1 Huangyao Ancient Town

After the winding country road, we came to the ancient town of Huangyao. Huangyao Ancient Town is known as one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Towns in China”. 


The quaint town is hidden between the mountains and rivers. Try the farmhouse food and get close to the locals. Through the history of the town during the day, enjoy the night view of the town at night, then stay at the Ink Inn to experience the elegance and tranquility, everything is very comfortable. The cock’s snoring can still be heard the next morning.

Day 2 Jade stone forest&Gupo Mountain

After visiting huangyao ancient town, the next morning we came to hezhou jade stone forest. Hezhou jade stone forest is the only marble geological park in China. 

We climbed from the "first-line sky" to the top of the mountain. The road up the mountain was narrow and the road looked more shocking. Looking down from the top of the mountain, it is quite spectacular. Because the stone is blackened by natural erosion, the top is covered with rain and reveals white stone, which is quite like “white snow cover”. Finally, we took a "slide" from the top of the mountain and slid down the mountain, which was very interesting.


After lunch, we took a bus to Gupo Mountain National Forest Park in the afternoon. It is known as the largest natural oxygen bar in South China and has lush forests. Visitors taste six or seven different wines in the wine shop. When visiting Fangjia Tea Garden, we also tasted five or six different types of tea in the tea room. The tea tastes pleasant and fragrance. After tasting, we almost all bought tea except me.After playing tired in the evening and eating the local specialty food -- dustpan banquet, the fatigue of the day can be gone.


Day 3 Ziyun Cave

Guangxi is a place where there is water in the mountains and there are holes in the mountains. The number of large and small caves is not clear, and the holes are strange and different. Ziyun Wonderland is a Ziyun Cave located 4 kilometers southwest of Hezhou City. It is an independent limestone mountain cave. 

The pace of life in the city is getting faster and faster. After returning, I can't help but sigh that this place in Hezhou is really quiet. In the silence, we see the true self and see the simple folk customs. There are not too many people in the crowd, there is no rush. Only a quiet. Outside of work, our team will experience learning through these interesting league building activities, which not only relieved the daily work pressure, cultivated our team cohesion, but also left us a precious memory.

After coming back from Hezhou, we also had a competition for the most beautiful travel photos.Here are the winning entries to share with you.