Draft Beer Tower Beverage Dispenser

Draft Beer Tower Beverage Dispenser

Bar-style tap,top-of-class features and gently sloping sides of the beverage container make this the best beverage dispenser for any beer lover or Home-brewed beer. Plus, it’s a fantastic choice for other drinks.

Transparent Container with Clear Scale】The beverage container is transparent with clear scale on it so that it's easy to know if the drink is gone, if it needs to be added, and if it's full when it's added. There are only three simple scales indicating a capacity of one liter, two liters and three liters for your reference.

High Quality Spigot and Steady Flow】The nozzle part of the spigot is made of premium metal and it’s rust proof for long lasting performance. The flow is moderate and steady, keeping it from spilling on your clothes. In this way, it’s suitable to be used in public places.

Large Capacity and Removable Ice Tube】The capacity of this beverage dispenser is 3L, almost nearly a gallon, about 102 ounces. It’s enough for a party night. There is a ice tube inside it for ice cubes. It’s useful to prevent any dilution with melting ice besides cooling the beverage for a better taste. In addition, it’s removable for easy clean.

Rugged Durable Material without BPA】This beverage dispenser is made of premium and impact resistant ABS and AS material without BPA which effectively prevents it from breaking easily. Among them, the black part of the product is made of ABS plastic, and the transparent part is made of AS plastic.