Foreign customer is warmly visiting

Ideal Sign Industry Ltd. re-expands overseas markets

Foreign customer is warmly visiting 

Abstract: April 22nd, in the 125th session of the Canton Fair in full swing, Ideal Sign Industry Ltd. all members also jointly welcomed the enthusiastic visit of foreign trade customer. The purpose of customer's visits is to make field visits Ideal the same time,he expect that our two sides will understand each other and achieve long-term in-depth cooperation.

As a supplier of advertising display products and promotional gifts, our business covering many countries, in recent years vigorously expand the South America market, and in Europe, America and Africa and other markets have been a number of applications. We are luck to have chance to work with many well-known worldbrands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Budweiser, Astor and other internationally renowned brands to cooperate with the Liquor Bottle Display, Ice Buckets, Fake Neon Signs, Advertising Boards, Bar Accessories and other products superior quality and cost-effective very popular with overseas customers.

Good brand reputation has attracted a lot of strong overseas customers to the Ideal Sign Industry Ltd. office in Guangzhou, China's marketing department to carry out a study tour.

In the afternoon of April 22nd, under our leadership, the customer visited the marketing center, exhibition room and so on of Ideal Sign Industry Ltd. The distant guest expressed deep appreciation for the company's scale strength, product quality and Research and development ability, as well as a strong intention to order.The two sides also discussed and exchanged views on the technical characteristics of Ideal Sign products and the prospects of the future market and both sides hoped to establish a long-term cooperative relationship for common development.

Foreign customer on-site experience products

The visit of the foreign guests deeply reflects the products and professional advantages of the Ideal Sign in the industry, but also shows the strong pace of us in the future international trade market. Ideal sign, your ideal choice for promotion!