Pleasure Trip—— Holidays in Gulangyu, Xiamen

A trip to Gulangyu has arranged just about a week before we start off.

Gulangyu, a famous island, enjoys enjoy the reputation of "Garden on the Sea." In the Ming Dynasty, it was renamed Gulang, meaning ''drum waves", because the holes in the southwestern reefs hit by the waves make sounds like the drum beating.


Because of historical reason, architecture with different styles has been preserved. It is a place which absolutely attractive for people who likes visit museum, cultural relic and building that with centuries-old history. Even trees that with over one hundred year can be seen everywhere and they are listed as the protected plants too.



Buildings along the road reflect traces of time. Many tourist spots have been visited by us, like Shuzhuang Garden, Piano Museum and the Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall and so on. We also reached the highest place: the Sunlight Rock, to overlook the scenery of the whole island.


We have been walking on the beach, relaxing while the sea wind was blowing our faces and watching beautiful sunset at a seaside. We enjoyed the specialty snacks when we are strolling here and there. Lovely cats can be seen on streets, gardens and the top of the walls. Some are walking, some are sleeping and some are just watching walkers freshly.





It‘s great to have an opportunity to spend holidays with colleagues who have been working together for a long time. We appreciate that we have a good time in this beautiful island.